The cake your sweet tooth will
be happy with, just minus all that sugar!

We use a special house blended plant based sugar replacer in our products, that allow 75-85% less sugar than the other National Brand cake mixes do.  This is what makes our mixes so unique and great tasting, while watching the calories!  Give us a try today and bake your way to better health!

Available at these retailers!

Cake Mixes will be on Amazon shortly and then
Cornbread will be at Walmart in stores and more to come!

What is Don’t Break
Your Diet?

We at Don’t Break Your Diet™ understand the frustrations of dieting, while faced with the everyday temptations that scream “Eat me!” It is because of this that we have spent countless hours to create this tasty food that satisfies cravings and lets you snack guilt-free.


We also have a delicious Cornbreads, Cookies and Brownie Mixes as well, that we know you’ll love!

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